In partnership with Cherwell Windows and Doors

Cherwell are Gold Internorm Partners. Visit the Banbury showroom for a demonstration of a Loxone Smart Home with integration with Internorm Windows and Doors


A recent project with Charlie Luxton

We were recently appointed on Charlie Luxton’s personal home project. Watch this video series on Charlie’s experience living inside a Smart Home and the benefits of integrated external shading. For more information please get in touch.

We make buildings better. Using home automation to control your heating, lighting and security makes your home more energy efficient and more luxurious at the same time. It's not too complicated or expensive – every home should be a ‘Smart Home’. Say Halo to the future!

What is a 'Smart Home?'...

A ‘Smart Home’ is a building where essential services such as lighting, heating and security are managed intelligently using an electronic system. Because the building knows how and when you use these services, it can optimise them for you. This saves energy and makes the home more luxurious and comfortable.

Halo Haus designed and installed this elegant Loxone smart home in Surrey.

We can help with...

  • Bespoke Lighting Design

  • Smart Lighting Controls

  • Smart Energy Efficient Heating

  • Home Automation

  • Advanced Access and Security

  • Networking & Wifi

  • Multi-Room HD and Audio

Your new home needs one smart solution for all your home technology requirements.

Simple, reliable and very easy to use. We design, supply and professionally install it all.

Charlie Luxton Halo Haus

Halo Haus is proud to be working with Charlie Luxton on his own smart home project.

Halo Haus Loxone Gold Partner

Halo Haus are Loxone Gold Partners

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